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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Champion products?
Only Champion sells Champion, because we want to assure the highest quality and easiest home-improvement experience. We are the single source of responsibility, from manufacturing to installation to our warranty.

What will I find in your showroom?
Champion's showrooms offer an interactive experience where you can see, touch, and test life-size models of all our products. We also have interactive demonstrations to show you how our products conserve energy. Each showroom is staffed by a friendly representative who can educate you about Champion and energy savings and answer all of your questions.

Do you have financing available?
Champion offers many easy and affordable financing options to our customers. Please visit our financing page or ask your Champion representative about the best option for your project.

  • Windows

    In what colors do your windows come, besides white?
    Champion windows and patio doors come in white, tan, and ColorBond™ designer colors where the exterior of your window is one of our designer colors, while the interior remains white or tan. We can even do a tan window with a white interior or vice-versa!

    Do Champion windows tilt in for easy cleaning?
    Both sashes on Champion double hung windows tilt in for easy cleaning.

    Do Champion windows include screens?
    Yes, we offer both half and full screens.

    Will Champion windows fit my window openings?
    Yes. Champion custom manufactures your windows for each opening in your home, so you are assured a correct fit for the maximum viewing area and energy savings.

    Do you install my replacement windows from the inside or outside?
    We typically need access to both the interior and exterior of your home to do the proper, professional window installation. But don’t worry, we treat your house as our own both inside and outside and leave it just the way we found it.

    Do you make your own windows?
    Champion is the factory. We custom manufacture your windows in our award winning state-of-the-art factories located in Cincinnati and Denver.

    Where are the grids in your windows?
    Our grids are in between the two panes of glass so your windows are a flat surface that is easy to clean and the grids stay in perfect condition

    Does your warranty include installation?
    Champion’s lifetime warranty includes installation and all components of the windows, including glass breakage, seal failure and screens.

  • Vinyl Siding

    What do you do with our old aluminum, vinyl or steel siding? Old windows? Old entry doors?
    Champion removes and properly disposes of all job related debris.

    Do you use insulation board (also called backer board/underlayment) behind your siding?
    Champion uses ENERGY STAR©-rated, mold- and insect-resistant underlayment on all siding installations.

    What colors are available in your vinyl siding?
    Champion has a large palette of homeowner preferred colors including traditional and modern choices.

    Do you offer shutters, gutters and all other siding accessories?
    Champion can complete your entire home-exterior transformation, including accessories, gutters, shutters, vents, and more.

    What length are your siding panels?
    Champion’s siding panels are 16 feet long, which means 33% fewer seams than standard siding.

    Who stands behind the installation of my siding?
    Champion guarantees it.

  • Doors

    What part of my door is removed?
    We remove/replace the door, frame, and threshold, including inside and outside trim.

    Do you have doors in special sizes?
    Champion doors are custom manufactured for your home, so we can fit most door openings.

    Do I have to paint/stain my door?
    No. Champion will custom paint/stain your door during the manufacturing process.

    Do you have fiberglass or steel doors?
    Champion offers both fiberglass and steel doors, so we can accommodate any design need for your custom entry.

    Do you have any extra security features on your doors?
    Champion doors have a steel plate that your lock and deadbolt fit in for extra security. Our patio doors have a quad-lock system.

    Is your door fire-rated?
    Yes, Champion entry doors are fire-rated.

    What gauge is your steel door?
    Champion uses 22-gauge steel for entry doors, which is 1/3 thicker than what others use.

    Who guarantees your doors?
    Champion guarantees the doors and their installation.

  • Sunrooms

    Will my sunroom look like it is just stuck on the back of my house?
    Absolutely not. Champion custom designs each sunroom to match your home’s existing architecture, so it becomes a natural extension of your home.

    How will Champion glass make my sunroom better?
    Champion’s exclusive glass will keep your room comfortable during hot summers and cold winters so you can get the most use and enjoyment from your room.

    Why wouldn’t I just add a traditional addition instead of a sunroom?
    A Champion sunroom is nearly 1/3 the cost and is completed in weeks instead of months. Plus, Champion sunrooms allow you to be surrounded by the outdoors and blend your outdoor living and indoor living seamlessly.

    Can I get a room with screens only?
    Yes. Champion can create and build a custom screen room.

    Can you build sunrooms on decks?
    Yes. Champion can build your sunroom on your existing, codes-compliant deck.

    What can you do in a Champion sunroom?
    You can use your sunroom for virtually anything you would use a traditional room: entertaining, a workout room, den, home office, family room, playroom–the possibilities are endless.

    Can I heat/cool my sunroom?
    Yes, you may use a heating/cooling unit in your sunroom.

    Can a sunroom have doors and windows?
    Depending on the custom design and local codes, your Champion sunroom can have many combinations of sliding doors and windows.

    Can I hang blinds in my sunroom?
    Yes, vertical blinds are a very popular choice for sunrooms. You could also use draperies or window coverings.

    Who guarantees my sunroom?
    Champion guarantees your sunroom and its installation.

  • Their performance from the sales to the completion was very satisfactory. I enjoyed talking with the people as they worked. The outcome and results were perfect.

    – Melba S. of Ashland City, TN

  • It’s just that they are very professional. I really like their windows. They are what they say they are. I’d recommend them to anybody building a home.

    – Mary S. of Paige, TX

  • We like the quality of the windows. The installation, for the most part, was good. We had issues with the caulking though.

    – Ian B. of Colorado Springs, CO

  • Champion exceeded our expectations. They didn’t just give us what we wanted, but they also gave us what we needed for now and for the future.

    – Aaron N. of Orange, OH

  • Installation crew was quick, no short cuts! Quality of work is important to me!

    – Blake B. of Des Moines, IA

  • We love the guarantee and the person who installed everything. We’re just unhappy with having to wait to have the handles corrected.

    – Sandy B. of Ashton, MD

  • I had to pay a little more, but in the end,the quality of the windows and the quality of the installation was well worth it.

    – Elizabeth L. of Portland, OR

  • This is the second time that I have used Champion Windows, and I was satisfied both times, both in cold and hot weather.

    – Marlena F. of Gonzales, TX

  • I was very pleased with everyone that I dealt with. The salesperson, the installer and the construction engineer were all great. I am so very pleased with my room.

    – Len D. of Bellevue, TN

  • All of our windows have been purchased from and installed by Champion. Excellent windows and service.

    – Kent B. of St. Louis, MO

  • I thought they were very knowledgeable, fair, and they answered all of my questions. As far as I am concerned I will return for any work I need.

    – M.S.G. of Milton, MA

  • Champion Windows was very, very good. We had no problem, they were on time, and just a good company! I would highly recommend them to anybody.

    – Review by John M. of Chesterfield, MO

  • I just watched him install the windows, and he did a really good job. I’m happy with the company. They’re the best!

    – Tammy B. of Richmond, IN

  • The process was so easy from start to finish. We love our door and we cannot wait to recommend Champion to our family and friends.

    – Jennifer S. of Spartanburg, SC

  • I was in the construction business for 60 years and they were as efficient as any contractor as I have ever seen.

    – Review by Richard F. of Omaha, NE