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Roofing Seattle, WA

In terms of number of precipitation days, Seattle is among five rainiest cities in the U.S. With ample precipitation come ample problems for homeowners. Excessive precipitation can threaten the structural integrity of your property in general and your roof in particular.

Choose Champion Window for your roofing job in Seattle and you can bid goodbye to all your worries. That’s because we use the best and the safest roofing options for our customers and install them using the finest accessories to protect your roof from damaging moisture, harmful sunrays and extreme weather for a long, long time.

Manufactured by GAF, one of the most trusted names in the industry, our roofing systems are affordable and available in a variety of colors and styles to suit different tastes.

Here are the roofing shingles we offer in Seattle, WA:
  • Camelot II
  • Woodland
  • Monaco
  • Royal Sovereign
  • Timberline HDTM
With Champion Window as your roofing contractor in Seattle, certain advantages are part of the deal. Here are a few of them:
  • Lifetime Warranty: Unlike our competitors, our lifetime warranty covers the entire roofing system as well as the cost of installation labor among other things.
  • Leak Barrier: We use flexible, self-healing leak barrier at every joint and attachment on your roof to provide protection against leaks caused by wind-driven rain and melting ice or snow.
  • Roof Deck Protection: The TigerPawTM Roof Deck Protection system is standard in all our installation. It reduces damaging moisture on the roof deck and provides longer lasting leak protection.
  • Cobra Attic® Ventilation: Our superior quality attic ventilation system protects the efficiency of your home’s insulation and helps in reducing your energy usage.
  • Starter Strip Shingles: We use starter strip shingles to eliminate waste, save time, and reduce the entry of wind and rain to lower the risk of ice damming and blow-off.