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Louisville, KY

Louisville is the largest city in the state of Kentucky. A major city, Louisville is best known as the venue of the Kentucky Derby because of which it is also called the "Derby City." In addition to Lexington, KY, Louisville is a place many people visit each year for a wide variety of equestrian activities. However, it is also a major city that serves a wide variety of industries.

The city of Louisville is located in the Bluegrass Region. Most of the city is composed of flat floodplains surrounded by gently rolling hills. The southwest part of Louisville, however, falls in the scenic Knobs region marked by hundreds of undeveloped and isolated hills.

Named as the top place to travel in the U.S. in 2013 by travel guide Lonely Planet, Louisville is full of possibilities so far as arts, entertainment, education, and recreation are concerned. That's probably why the city takes pride in calling itself the "Possibility City." We want to show you the possibilities out there for you with our replacement windows in Louisville, KY as well as roofing, siding, and doors in Louisville, Kentucky too.

At Champion of Louisville, we offer many possibilities in home exterior and improvement products to people living in the "Possibility City." We're the leading supplier of premium quality doors and windows in Louisville.

Here's the complete range of products we offer:

1. Windows: Double Hung Windows, Slider Windows, Casement Windows, Picture Windows and more.

2. Sunrooms: Sunrooms, Studio Rooms, Porch Enclosures, Screen Room and more.

3. Roofing: Roofing - Styles, Ventilation & Safety, Shingle Styles & Options.

4. Doors: Entry Doors, Sliding Patio Doors, French Doors, Pet Doors and more.

5. Vinyl Siding: Beautiful and high quality sidings available in a range of colors.

Our 22-member team led by Division Manager Nick Dorsey is professionally trained and certified to understand the unique needs of homeowners in the greater Louisville area and offer suitable solutions. Each member of our staff is prompt, courteous and friendly and will offer you the most personalized service you've ever experienced.

Drop in to our factory showroom in Louisville for doors, windows, sunrooms and sidings. You can see, touch and even test for quality life-size models of our products and talk to our local specialists about your home improvement needs. A never-before home improvement experience awaits you at Champion of Louisville!

A Company Built On Trust
  • "I was 100 % satisfied with Champion Windows."

    – Review from Judy H. in Mt Washington, KY - Oct 18, 2016

  • "I love my windows. They did an excellent job and I don't have any problems. It's just one window is cracked and one window doesn't look tinted."

    – Review from Mary M. in Shelbyville, KY - Oct 17, 2016

  • "The salesman, Von was one of the best and likeable people I've met. That's why I stuck with them and didn't get another quote."

    – Review from Bruce D. in New Castle, KY - Oct 12, 2016

  • "I think Champion Windows is a top company."

    – Review from Regina K. in Louisville, KY - Oct 03, 2016

  • "They were wonderful. Roger and Randy really did a good job. Roger brought me free window cleaner. They did a wonderful job of measuring and installing. Jack did a wonderful job of going above and beyond to make my project wonderful."

    – Review from Elizabeth D. in Louisville, KY - Sep 29, 2016

  • "Everybody has really loved my windows."

    – Review from Theresa B. in Louisville, KY - Sep 28, 2016

  • "I am very happy that I did it! They did a fantastic job and I am pleased!"

    – Review from Joyce M. in Louisville, KY - Sep 19, 2016

  • "I do not understand why the screen on the window doesn't lock. Other than that, they were great."

    – Review from Rita M. in Elizabethtown, KY - Sep 15, 2016

  • "We have been replacing our old windows with Champion windows over the last 10 years. The Champion quality, warranty and appearance is excellent. We compared Champion to other "high end" window companies and Champion was by far the best value."

    – Review from Donna K. in Sellersburg, IN - Sep 14, 2016

  • "Wonderful experience and all my seasons looks just like their pictures from the brochure - gorgeous "

    – Review from Sarah C. in Louisville, KY - Sep 10, 2016

  • "I am very satisfied with them."

    – Review from Steve A. in Lebanon Junction, KY - Sep 09, 2016

  • "It is affordable and they keep their customers happy!"

    – Review from Michelle U. in Elizabethtown, KY - Aug 29, 2016

  • "We have enjoyed and continue to enjoy our experience with Champion Windows. Quality windows, quality labor, and quality customer care!"

    – Review from Matthan M. in Louisville, KY - Aug 05, 2016

  • "They were great."

    – Review from Cherry L. in Elizabethtown, KY - Aug 01, 2016

  • "I had gotten some quotes from other window suppliers like Lowe's and they were considerably cheaper. However, based on the salesmanship and the quality of the product I choose to got with Champion Windows. It was well worth the cost."

    – Review from John B. in Louisville, KY - Jul 28, 2016

  • "They were great from start to finish, and any questions I had for Micheal, the office staff, or the installer were answered. They knew the answers right away to my questions and got it taken care of."

    – Review from Bruce S. in Louisville, KY - Jul 25, 2016

  • "Great product and installed professionally. Made huge difference in temperature and quality of room."

    – Review from Robert R. in Brandenburg, KY - Jul 22, 2016

  • "This is the second time I have worked with Champion and they are fantastic. They are hassle free and very prompt."

    – Review from Helen L. in Fisherville, KY - Jul 19, 2016