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Custom built to match your home’s architecture and your intended use, our Sunrooms provide an outdoor environment without worry of the weather for your family to relax, entertain, and share special moments together. Each sunroom is as unique as the home it's attached to and is available in all-season, three-season and a variety of other styles.

Our Sunrooms combine quality materials and professional engineering:

  • Designed and built as a system. Each component works with the next, unlike in a cookie cutter approach which force parts to operate together.
  • Our integrated door and window system glides open and shut and will not be a source of air leaks, security risks or jammed doors.
  • Code-compliant; our all-season sunrooms use an engineered wall system that withstands any weather conditions.
  • Our engineered roof system is the strongest in the industry.
  • Lifetime glass breakage and seal failure warranty.
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  • Features & Benefits

    The Advantages To Your Sunroom
    • The addition of a sunroom to your home provides you with expanded living space.
    • You’re able to surround yourself with the beauty of the outdoors while enjoying the comfort of your home.
    • Champion sunrooms cost around 1/3 less than a stick built room and is completed, on average, 60% faster.
    • Comfort 365® Glass will block harmful UV rays that fade your furniture and carpets.
    • Whether our four-season or three-season sunroom styles, you’ll still get the same lifetime warranty on glass breakage and seal failures.
    • Champion handles the entire project from design, permits, manufacturing, construction and service after the sale.
    Our Materials Are Your Value
    • Thermally broken, insulated roof panel I-beams can be used in any roof or wall in your house.
    • I-beams are used to provide the strongest load-bearing structures available.
    • Choice of 4 or 6-inch expanded-polystyrene (EPS) panel cores, featuring very high R-value and rot-resistant performance, to create less stress on your foundation.
    • Header tilts to match your roof"s pitch is sealed so that it becomes part of your roof.
    • Six-inch vinyl and aluminum corner posts are used to create stronger walls and roof.
    • Knee-wall panels are used to resist denting, scratching, easy cleanup will never yellow.
    • Center post mullions are used to add strength to your room while allowing you to conceal your outlets wiring.
    • Door-sill tracks prevent air infiltration and ensures smooth long-term operation.
    • Stainless-steel rollers are used on all sliding windows and doors.
    • Hidden connectors hide screws and bolts for attractive exterior and interior finishes.
    • Larger glass expanses are used for maximum enjoyment of the outdoors.
    • A five- or six-inch gutter is matched to your home to be certain it feels like your home, and not just an addition.

    Please note that our three-season sunrooms aren’t intended to be heated or are they insulated for winter months. If you’re interested in taking advantage of all-season outdoor enjoyment, please get in touch with one of our Champion customer care associates about our four-season sunroom option.

  • Value, Cost & Financing

    Our Champion sunrooms are a major investment in your homes living space and exterior shape. You’ll no doubt have numerous questions during the planning process. We understand that price will play an important factor in making your choice of partner for your home renovation. However, the cost of Champion sunrooms can vary based on your home’s customized needs.

    During our in-home consultations, Champion’s customer care associates will work with you to help discover the best options and savings opportunities for your home. You’ll discuss your homes uniquely customized window sizes, styles, materials, glass and various other options that will help to improve the quality, durability, comfort, savings and overall beauty of your home.

    Once we’ve been able to determine the right options for your additions unique needs, we can better determine an exact price. We can also provide many easy and affordable financing offers to help choose the best financing solution for you.

    Learn more about our financing options

  • Installation

    Champion takes full responsibility for your install from start to finish. We take care to minimize disruptions in your home, clean up and haul away old debris, and ensure we leave your home looking better than when we arrived. Most replacement window installations are completed in a single day.

    Learn more about our installation process

  • Ready To Learn More?

    Our Champion customer care associates are ready and waiting for your call. We’re happy to answer any general questions or concerns about your home improvement project, the installation process or setting up an in-home consultation. Please feel free to get in touch at 1-877-4-CHAMPION. We look forward to helping you with your future home improvements!



  • Their performance from the sales to the completion was very satisfactory. I enjoyed talking with the people as they worked. The outcome and results were perfect.

    – Melba S. of Ashland City, TN

  • It’s just that they are very professional. I really like their windows. They are what they say they are. I’d recommend them to anybody building a home.

    – Mary S. of Paige, TX

  • We like the quality of the windows. The installation, for the most part, was good. We had issues with the caulking though.

    – Ian B. of Colorado Springs, CO

  • Champion exceeded our expectations. They didn’t just give us what we wanted, but they also gave us what we needed for now and for the future.

    – Aaron N. of Orange, OH

  • Installation crew was quick, no short cuts! Quality of work is important to me!

    – Blake B. of Des Moines, IA

  • We love the guarantee and the person who installed everything. We’re just unhappy with having to wait to have the handles corrected.

    – Sandy B. of Ashton, MD

  • I had to pay a little more, but in the end,the quality of the windows and the quality of the installation was well worth it.

    – Elizabeth L. of Portland, OR

  • This is the second time that I have used Champion Windows, and I was satisfied both times, both in cold and hot weather.

    – Marlena F. of Gonzales, TX

  • I was very pleased with everyone that I dealt with. The salesperson, the installer and the construction engineer were all great. I am so very pleased with my room.

    – Len D. of Bellevue, TN

  • All of our windows have been purchased from and installed by Champion. Excellent windows and service.

    – Kent B. of St. Louis, MO

  • I thought they were very knowledgeable, fair, and they answered all of my questions. As far as I am concerned I will return for any work I need.

    – M.S.G. of Milton, MA

  • Champion Windows was very, very good. We had no problem, they were on time, and just a good company! I would highly recommend them to anybody.

    – Review by John M. of Chesterfield, MO

  • I just watched him install the windows, and he did a really good job. I’m happy with the company. They’re the best!

    – Tammy B. of Richmond, IN

  • The process was so easy from start to finish. We love our door and we cannot wait to recommend Champion to our family and friends.

    – Jennifer S. of Spartanburg, SC

  • I was in the construction business for 60 years and they were as efficient as any contractor as I have ever seen.

    – Review by Richard F. of Omaha, NE