Entry Doors

Are you in need of an energy-efficient front door for your home? Our entry doors are ENERGY STAR® certified in all 50 states by the American Architectural Manufactures Associations for energy efficiency. With our wide variety of styles and options, we’ll be able to create a one-of-a-kind entry door for your home. We offer a variety of customized options in both fiberglass, and steel entry doors.

We offer a palette of 28 extremely durable, urethane paint colors; along with nine finishes that will make your door really stand out. Whatever your personal style is, you'll be able to find an entry door that matches your preferences. All doors are hand-stained and cured using the latest finishing technology to ensure consistency and quality. Our professionally embossed wood grain finish features a stile-and-rail grain pattern available for most designs in our fiberglass and steel comfort 365® entry door collections.

  • Features & Benefits

    Fiberglass Entry Doors

    Learn about all the benefits that come with choosing a Champion Fiberglass Entry Door.

    • Genuine look and feel of wood without the problems.
    • Stainable surface for your custom color needs.
    • Embossed texture that is 25% deeper than standard fiberglass entry doors.
    • Fiberglass entry doors feature improved durability compared to wood. Easily resists nicks and dents.
    • Triple blade bottom sweep helps eliminate air and water infiltration and is not affected by extreme temperatures.
    • Fully insulated with an inner core of environmentally friendly polyurethane foam.
    Steel Entry Doors

    Learn about all the benefits that come with choosing a Champion Steel Entry Door.

    • Made of 22-gauge steel; one third more steel than most other steel entry front doors available on the market.
    • Passes the industry most stringent tests.
    • Longer lasting durability; no warping, rotting, bowing or splintering.
    • A double-bulb and blade weather strip provides a tighter seal than traditional finish weather strips.
  • Decorative Glass Styles


    Baton Rouge Style Entry Door Baton Rouge Style Entry Door


    • Clear Bevels
    • Patina "P" Caming ("B" Brass Caming optional)
    • Rain Glass
    • Moru Glass

    Baton Rouge

    Baton Rouge Style Entry Door Baton Rouge Style Entry Door


    • Gluechip Glass
    • Clear Waterglass™
    • Green hue
    • Blue hue
    • Clear Beveled Glass


    Belize Style Entry Door Belize Rouge Style Entry Door Glass


    • Patina "P" Caming ("B" Brass Caming optional)
    • Glue Chip Bevels
    • Granite Glass
    • Delta Glass


    Birmingham Style Entry Door Birmingham Style Entry Door


    • Brass Caming
    • Clear Bevel Glass
    • Bevel Diamond Jewels
    • Gary Baroque Glass


    Brennan Style Entry Door Brennan Style Entry Door Glass


    • Zinc Caming
    • Clear Bevels
    • Gluechip Glass


    Charleston Style Entry Door Charleston Style Entry Door Glass


    • Brass "B" Caming ("Z" Zinc, "P" patina Caming optional)
    • Clear Beveled Glass
    • Clear Baroque™ Glass
    • Gluechip Glass


    Gettysbyrg Style Entry Door Glass Gettysbyrg Style Entry Door


    • Brass "B" Caming ("Z" Zinc, "P" patina Caming optional)
    • Clear Beveled Glass
    • Clear Baroque™ Glass
    • Gluechip Glass


    Gettysbyrg Style Entry Door Glass Gettysbyrg Style Entry Door


    • Brass "B" Caming
    • Clear Beveled Glass (Center Cluster and Corners)
    • Waterglass Border
    • Clear Baroque Glass


    Gettysbyrg Style Entry Door Glass Gettysbyrg Style Entry Door


    • Clear Bevels
    • Gluechip Glass


    Gettysbyrg Style Entry Door Glass Gettysbyrg Style Entry Door


    • Zinc Caming
    • Clear Bevels
    • Gray Baroque™
    • Granite Glass

    St. Louis

    St. Lous Style Entry Door Glass St. Louis Style Entry Door


    • Zinc Caming
    • Clear Bevels
    • Clear Granite Glass
    • Waterglass


    Sterling Style Entry Door Glass Sterling Style Entry Door


    • Patina Caming
    • Clear Bevels
    • Glue Chip Glass
    • Granite Glass


    Westminster Style Entry Door Glass Westminster Style Entry Door


    • Brass Caming
    • Clear Bevels
    • Clear Baroque Glass
    • Gary Baroque Glass


    Westminster Style Entry Door Glass Westminster Style Entry Door


    • Brass "B" Caming (Zinc "Z" or Patina "P" Optional)
    • Clear Bevels
    • Clear Baroque™ Glass
    • Champagne Waterglass ™ (tinted, translucent)
  • Entry Door Styles

    Solid Door Panels


    Solid Panel Door Style Model T4P


    Solid Panel Door Style Model 8P


    Solid Panel Door Style Model 3P

    Panel Styles With Glass


    Clearlite CL2236 Door Style


    Clearlite CL836 Door Style


    Clearlite CL836RT Door Style


    Clearlite CL2236 Door Style


    Clearlite CL2236RT Door Style


    Clearlite CL2248 Door Style


    Clearlite CL2264 Door Style


    Clearlite CL86 Door Style


    Clearlite CL1539 Door Style


    Clearlite CL2255 Door Style


    Clearlite CL818 Door Style

    CL842 (Fiberglass Only)

    Clearlite CL842 Door Style

    CL2210 HR

    Clearlite CL2210 HR Door Style


    Clearlite CL2236X Door Style

    CL2515-DS (Fiberglass Only)

    Clearlite CL2515-DS Door Style

    CL2214-DS (Steel Only)

    Clearlite CL2214-DS Door Style



    Transom Glass Model CL-TR-HR-F


    Transom Glass Model CL-TR-HR-F


    Transom Glass Model CL-TR-HR-F


    Transom Glass Model CL-TR-HR-F


    Transom Glass Model CL-TR-HR-F



    Clear Sidelites Model CL836SL


    Clear Sidelites Model CL836RTSL


    Clear Sidelites Model CL848SL


    Clear Sidelites Model CL764SL


    Clear Sidelites Model CL86SL


    Sidelite Grid Model CL764SL-5L


    Sidelite Grid Model CL836SL-3L


    Sidelite Grid Model CL848SL-4L

    Grid Options


    Clearlite CL2236-9L Door Style


    Clearlite CL836-3L Door Style


    Clearlite FLCL2236-9L Door Style


    Clearlite CL2248-12L Door Style


    Clearlite CL2264-15L Door Style


    Clearlite CL2210F Door Style


    Clearlite CL2236X-9L Door Style

    CL2214-6L-DS (Steel Only)

    Clearlite CL2214-6L-DS Door Style

    CL255-6L-DS (Steel Only)

    Clearlite CL255-6L-DS Door Style

    Vented Glass

    CLVT (Smooth Steel)

    Vented Glass CLVT Model Door Style

    CLVT (Woodgrain or Fiberglass)

    Clearlite CL818 Door Style

    Solid Door Panels


    Solid Panel Door Style Model T4P


    Solid Panel Door Style Model 8P


    Solid Panel Door Style Model 3P


    Solid Panel Door Style Model 6P


    Solid Panel Door Style Model 9P


    Solid Panel Door Style Model 3PCR


    Solid Panel Door Style Model 3PCR-DS


    Solid Panel Door Style Model 8PCA

    FG2515 (Fiberglass Only)

    Solid Panel Door Style Model FG2515

    FL (Fiberglass Only)

    Solid Panel Door Style Model FL
  • Pet Doors

    Pet Door Options For Your Champion Entry Door

    Extreme Weather Pet Door

    1. Extreme Weather

    Sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

    Hot or cold climate; saves energy while giving your pets the freedom they deserve


    • New 3-flap system offers best protection from extreme heat and cold, drafts, insects, or driving rain
    • Maximum energy effciency is at least 3.5 times that of a single-flap pet door
    • Added insulation with snap-on weather-shield (included)
    • Fits standard doors from 11 ⁄ 2" to 2" thick
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty
    Smart Door Remote

    2. Smart Door Remote

    Sizes Small, Large

    Lets your pet in; keeps all others out


    • Unlocks as your pet nears; re-locks automatically after pet enters or exits
    • 3 modes: Locked, Unlocked, Automatic Access
    • For up to 5 pets (one SmartKeyTM included)
    • Energy-e cient, weather-resistant seal, and insulated flap
    • Fits standard doors from 11 ⁄ 2" to 2" thick
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty

    Pet Door Option For Your Champion Sliding Glass Patio Door

    We have a large selection of sizes so you can match your pet’s needs perfectly

    Sizes Small through Giant

    Highest Quality
    • Extruded aluminum frame is more durable than other plastic or pressed metal frames
    • Won’t fade, crack, break or rust
    Effciency and Protection
    • Double flaps, nylon pile weatherstripping, multiple alnico magnets for increased energy effciency and to safeguard against wind, insect intrusion, and unwanted animals
    • Soft, flexible PVC vinyl flaps allow for easy pet access
    • No exposed screws to harm pets
    • Impact-resistant GE Lexan® security cover with positive-action pin lock Choice and Selection
    • 11 standard sizes
    • 2 different colors – to match your Champion Door Warranty
    • Backed by a limited, no-fault 5-year prorated warranty
    Ava Dog Door

    Champion Patio Door Pet Door Size Guide

    Door Size Sample Breeds
    Small Cats
    Small Medium Chihuahua, Dachsund, Mini Poodle
    Medium Terriers, Pug
    Tall Medium Cocker Spaniel, Sheltie
    Large Basset, Chow Chow
    Tall Large German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever
    Tall Large Plus Standard Poodle, Irish Setter, Greyhound
    Extra Tall Large Afghan, Irish Wolfhound
    Extra Large Rottweiler, Akita, Bulldog
    Extra Large Plus St. Bernard, Newfoundland
    Giant Great Dane, Mastiff
  • Hardware

    Customize your entry door with a number of hardware options:

    • Decorative handsets
    • Electronic keypad deadbolts
    • Leversets
    • Knobsets
    • Deadbolts
    • Slipovers
    • Magazine clots
    • Peepsites
    • And more...

    Contact a Champion representative today to learn more about the customizable options available for your front entry door.

  • Cost & Financing

    We understand that it’s important to understand the cost of your entry door(s), however, due to the nature of Champion’s products, the cost of individual prodcts and services will vary.

    During an in-home consultation, our customer care associates will work with you to help discover the best options and savings opportunities for your home. Once we're able to determine the right options for your home’s door(s) needs, we can better determine an exact price of your entry door. We can also provide many easy and affordable financing offers to help you choose the best financing solution for you.

  • Installation

    Your Champion door(s) will be custom installed by expert installation technicians. Here is what you can expect before, during and after your installation.

    • Factory Re-Measure: Before we sintall your door, a technician will visit your home to re-measure everything and confirm all of your specifications – color, style, options, etc.
    • Installation Day: We will ask that you remove all items from the work area, secure your pets, and assure clear access for our crew. The Crew Leader will make sure you understand the entire process before work begins.
    • Clean-up: Our door installation team will clean up the installation site inside and outside, and haul away all job-related debris.
    • After Installation: We will do a walkthrough with you, to assure your complete satisfaction. We will show you all the features of your new door.
  • Warranty

    Champion Window Company of Cincinnati, LLC (Champion) extends the following warranty to the Customer.

    Coverage. On your Champion® Steel and Fiberglass Door System after installation and payment. Decisions as to the extent of repair or replacement required, and the reasonable cost of such work, will be made solely by Champion.

    Comprehensive - Installation and manufacturing defects coverage

    Because of Champion’s single source accountability, all Champion Steel and Fiberglass Doors featuring are guaranteed to the original purchaser as follows:

    • Limited Lifetime Coverage: Steel or fiberglass door slab components, door frame, originally installed hardware accessories, hinges, weather stripping, threshold/other threshold components parts, and screen repair
    • 10 Years Coverage: Glass components and glass frame components
    • 5 Year Coverage: Paint and stain finish
    • No charge for any necessary repair
    • No charge for any necessary parts
    • No charge for any necessary labor
    • No charge for any necessary material
    • No charge for any necessary removal of job related debris
    • No charge for any broken glass for unlimited occurrences
    • No charge for any seal failure for unlimited occurrences
    • No proration
  • Ready To Learn More?

    Our Champion customer care associates are ready and waiting for your call. We’re happy to answer any general questions about our entry doors or concerns about your project, the installation process or setting up an in-home consultation. Please feel free to get in touch at 1-877-4-CHAMPION. We look forward to helping you with your future home improvements!

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