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How to Measure for Replacement Windows

The first step towards replacing your windows with new energy efficient replacement windows is correctly measuring the opening for your window. When measuring for replacement windows it is important to do it correctly and to be precise with your measurements. Whether you are replacing windows yourself or having a contractor install windows for you, it is important to measure correctly. If you are interested in Champion for replacing your windows, you can bring your window measurements to a Champion showroom for on the spot pricing.

Vertical and Horizontal Measurements

It is important to understand that construction methods and building movement can change the size of a window opening from bottom to top and side to side. This can lead to slightly incorrect measurements and window failure if an incorrectly sized window is installed. To eliminate the problem of inaccurate measurements, measure from three different spots horizontally and vertically:

How to measure for replacement windows

For measuring the width, measure from jamb to jamb. For measuring the height, measure from the sill to the header. When you have completed all six of the measurements, select the smallest of the width measurements and the smallest of the height measurements and use this for your final measurement. For Champion on the spot pricing, simply bring your measurements to one of our showrooms today!