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Roofing Dallas, TX

Severe thunderstorms accompanied by torrential rain, high winds, large hail, frequent lightening and at times even tornadoes can cause massive disruption to life during spring months in Dallas. These thunderstorms can also spell trouble for your roofing structure.

High winds can cause shingles to move and lead to water accumulation underneath. Rainwater can also cause rotting of shingles and compromise the integrity of your home. There are several such harmful effects of extreme weather on your roofing.

The solution is to use high quality roofing material. A roof that’s able to bear the brunt of the elements and lasts you a long time is what you need if you own a home in Dallas. At Champion Window, that’s exactly the kind of roofing we offer.

We are known for using the best and the safest roofing options in Dallas, TX. Manufactured by GAF, one of the most trusted names in the country, our roofing structures are affordable, attractive and durable.

Here are the roofing shingles we offer in Dallas, TX:
  • Camelot II
  • Woodland
  • Monaco
  • Royal Sovereign
  • Timberline HDTM
Our roofing systems in Dallas, Texas come with the following advantages:
  • Lifetime Warranty: Our worry-free lifetime warranty covers the entire roofing system as well as the cost of installation labor for as long as you own our product.
  • Roof Deck Protection: The TigerPawTM Roof Deck Protection system is standard in all our roofing installations. It provides a strong layer of protection against wind-driven rain and ice dams. It also helps shingles lay flatter and more uniformly for a better finish.
  • Starter Strip Shingles: We use high quality starter strip shingles instead of the regular ones for faster installation and diminished waste. Our shingles also reduce the entry of wind and rain to lower the risk of blow-offs and ice damming.
  • Drip Edge: All our installations include a corrosion resistant drip edge so that run-offs drain in to the gutters instead of dripping behind them.
  • Ridge Cap Shingles: We use ridge cap shingles to provide an elegant finishing touch to your roofing project. In addition to enhancing your home’s beauty, these shingles also protect it from leaks at the hips and ridges.