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Pet Doors

Pet Doors

Pet Door option for your Champion Sliding Glass Patio Door

After getting up and down to let the dog out and in, several times during the day, you have to wonder if there is a better way. Well, there is! Make life less stressful for you and your dog with a Champion Pet Door. Give both you and your pet a new sense of independence.

  • No holes cut in your wall
  • Installed in your Champion sliding patio door during the manufacturing process
  • Dogs love their pet doors and are easily trained to use them
  • Great for cats too!
  • Designed with your pet’s safety in mind
  • Energy efficient, double-pane flap
  • Optional locking mechanism
  • Available for all sizes of dogs, from tiny to titans!

Designed for performance and safety

Highest quality

Extruded aluminum frame is more durable than other plastic or pressed metal frames. Will not fade, crack, break or rust.

  • Efficiency and Protection
    • Flaps, nylon pile weather stripping, multiple alnico magnets for increased energy efficiency and to safeguard against wind, insect intrusion, and unwanted animals
  • Safety
    • Soft flexible PVC vinyl flaps allow for easy pet access
    • No exposed screws to harm pets
  • Security
    • Impact resistant GE Lexan® security cover with positive action pin lock
  • Choice and Selection
    • 11 standard sizes
    • White or tan – to match your Champion Door
  • Warranty
    • Backed by a limited, no fault 5-year prorated warranty

See how easy it is to teach your dog to use a pet door!