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Vinyl Siding Madison, WI

Owning a home in Madison means you have to protect it from the high humidity and precipitation levels that the city experiences in the warm months. One of the many ways homeowners use to protect their homes is by covering them with vinyl sidings.

But if right accessories and installation practices are not used, then moisture can get trapped behind the siding panels causing mold to grow. Moreover, incorrectly installed sidings will not protect your home as they’re intended to.

When you buy vinyl sidings in Madison, WI from Champion Window, you can put all your fears to rest. We use installation methods recommended by the Vinyl Siding Institute for exceptional performance. We also use underlayment and corner wrap to protect your home from moisture, mold and insects. We provide vents at every 12 feet to resist moisture behind panels.

No detail is too small for the Champion siding experts in Madison, WI as they work to provide you a home exterior that looks visually appealing, lasts longer, is easy to maintain and enhances the re-sale value of your home. Some other advantages of shopping with us for vinyl sidings in Madison, WI include:
  • Beauty: Our sidings have the look and feel of real wood to give your home a luxurious exterior. Extra-long panel, fewer seams and an array of color choices also add to the aesthetic appeal of Champion vinyl sidings.
  • Performance: Our sidings have been manufactured to a premium thickness of 0.46” for exceptional impact resistance and strength. The Windlock System provides them the capability to withstand wind gusts of up to 200mph.
  • Energy efficiency: We use ENERGY STAR-rated R-Tech fanfold underlayment for insulation, air infiltration, conduction and radiation to keep your home warm in winters and cool in summers.
  • Warranty: We offer lifetime warranty on our vinyl sidings as well as installation. Our warranty even covers damage by hail, chalking, etc.
  • Service: We offer the most personalized, friendly, and courteous service in the industry to homeowners in the greater Madison area.

Champion Window has been in business for over 55 years and we firmly stand behind our products and the people who work with us. They’re the ones who make us what we are – the Champion of home exteriors!