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Sunrooms Rochester NY

According to its official motto Rochester is “Made for Living” and we couldn’t agree more. With its eclectic neighborhoods; historic sites; quaint cafes and restaurants; outdoor opportunities; and above all its warm, friendly and large-hearted people, the city will charm you soon as you set foot inside.

At Champion of Rochester, we believe that life is made for living each and every moment to its fullest. That’s why we make sincere efforts to improve the quality of life of our customers. Our sunrooms in Rochester, NY are a fine example of good living.

Sunrooms are not just an affordable expansion of your living space, but also a valuable addition to your home. A quiet sanctuary away from all the activity and noise around the house, sunrooms can be your personal recharge zone.

You can use a sunroom as a study, television room, game room, music room, or just some place where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the outdoors!

We offer the following sunrooms in Rochester:
  • Studio Rooms
  • Gable Roof Sun Rooms
  • Porch Enclosures
  • Screen Rooms
  • All Season Rooms
  • Porch Covers

If you have an empty deck, slab or porch that you’d like to convert in to a luxurious sunroom, give us a call. Our sunroom consultants will inspect your space and offer you solutions that complement the architecture of your home and suit your intended use.

Here are some advantages of shopping for sunrooms in Rochester with us:
  • Our sunrooms are designed and manufactured as a system where all parts are engineered to work together rather than forced to for maximum performance.
  • Our integrated window and door system just glides open and shut and will not be a source of air leakages, security risks, or jammed doors.
  • Our roof system is the strongest in the industry, while our wall system is designed to hold up in all seasons and weather conditions.
  • All our sunrooms feature our exclusive Comfort 365® glass, which in addition to keeping them comfortable through the year, is a brilliant source of panoramic views and natural light.

The Champion team will be involved in all stages of your project from pulling the required permits to installation and even guarantee.