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Vinyl Siding Features and Benefits


Vinyl siding should not make your home look like plastic. It should provide all the beauty of a wood exterior. Champion vinyl siding does that, with a 3/4" shadow line for a true clapboard look and a low-gloss cedar texture for a real wood feel.

Extra-long 16' panels mean up to 33% fewer seams. Superior engineering eliminates gaps where panels meet – seams are tight and virtually invisible. You will see nothing but long spans of beautiful straight lines.

Vinyl Siding Seams

Designed to perform

Vinyl Siding Performance

Our self-aligning locking system is designed to snap together with a positive connection, while allowing for flexibility in panel position during vinyl siding installation.

Champion siding is manufactured to a premium thickness of .046" for outstanding impact resistance and strength.

Vinyl Siding Fit and Trim Vinyl Siding Craftsmanship Self Aligning

Fit and Trim

Coordinating trim for windows, doors, and corners along with soffit, shutters and gutters can optimize your home's beauty. Champion vinyl siding has the color coordination packages to complement any of these requirements.


Craftsmanship and attention to detail are the keys to a quality installation. We go the distance to ensure your siding is installed with accessories that make the siding fit and form to your home's exterior for strength and beauty that lasts...guaranteed.

Preformed 3/4" J-Channel

Preformed 3/4 inch J-Channel

Installed before the vinyl siding. Used around every opening of your home to conceal the ends of the siding. Also acts as an air-infiltration barrier against wind.


4" Outside Corner Post

4 inch Outside Corner Post

One-piece unit designed to accept the custom-cut side panels and offer protection at the corner. Color usually matches the vinyl siding but can contrast if desired.


Steel Starter

Vinyl Siding Steel Starter

Used to start the siding at the base of a house. Steel is used for extra rigidity to lock in the siding. It is installed around the perimeter of your home.


Undersill Trim

Vinyl Siding Undersill Trim

Installed under every window above the groundline. Conceals the top edge of the vinyl siding and provides a finished look. Used instead of unsightly face nailing of the panels. Also used at the soffit line.


Inside Corner Post

Vinyl Siding Inside Corner Post

Opposite of outside post. Is used at inside corner areas instead of caulk or scrap pieces. Gives an improved appearance.


Siding Features

Champion vinyl siding is an investment that will increase the comfort level, beauty and value of your home, as well as save valuable time and money when it comes to home maintenance.

Curb Appeal

Vinyl Siding Curb Appeal

In many ways, your home is you. It represents what you feel is tasteful and important. That is why you can feel confident in your choice of Champion vinyl siding. Its attractive appearance, authentic wood texture and graceful silhouette make an impressive statement of quality for any home. Champion vinyl siding gives your home a feeling of class and integrity that other siding cannot deliver.



Vinyl Siding Value

Vinyl siding has been proven to increase the resale value of homes. Ask your factory representative for local vinyl siding cost vs value statistics. In addition, since Champion takes care of the entire siding project, you won’t have to worry about who to call now or in the future for any siding needs. We make it easy, one name, one number we are there to help.


Energy Efficiency

Vinyl Siding Energy Efficiency

The properties of Champion’s ENERGY STAR® rated R-Tech fanfold underlayment for insulation, air infiltration, conduction and radiation means your home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, and free from air-leakages that can cause up to 30% of normal heat loss or gain.



Vinyl Siding Quality
  • .046" Premium Siding Panel for optimum performance
  • Windlock System to withstand up to 200mph wind gusts
  • Overlapping nailing hem with an extra .092" rollover for extra strength
  • Extra long 16' panels mean 33% fewer seams
  • Concealed ventilation soffit for enhanced appearance
  • Professional installation
  • Lifetime warranty on siding AND installation