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Horizontal Sliding Windows

Sliding windows often referred to as a Slider or Gliding Window, is similar to a Double Hung in its operation. Only instead of sliding vertically, it slides horizontally - left and right. Horizontal Sliders are typically found in applications where the design calls for tall, slender windows. They are also common in areas where the home owner may struggle in reaching to lift or close the window - like above a kitchen sink or soaking tub.

Sliding windows can be constructed in many configurations. One popular configuration is called a 3-Lite Slider. (NOTE: a "lite" is an industry term referring to the glass portion of the sliding window) A 3-Lite Slider combines two narrow lites, flanking of a larger center lite. The three sashes combined provide a large viewing area for natural light, while allowing good edge ventilation. And because each sash can slide left and right your glass can be easily cleaned inside and out.

As an added feature, Champion's Horizontal Slider comes standard with the interlocking meeting rail - where the right and left sash meet in the center - and night latches that can help limit how far the sliding window is allowed to open.

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Sliding Window
  • Features & Benefits

    • Artisan Exterior Molding - Finished grade exterior trim designed and engineered from the same material as the sliding window frame to look good and last long.
    • ColorBond® Exterior - Carefully selected colors designed to adhere to vinyl and resist the environment, applied to the frame during the manufacturing process for long lasting durability.
    • TimberBond® Exterior - Select wood grain options are bonded to vinyl frames using a proprietary 5-step process.
    • (DuraBlock) Deep Sill - Engineered deep sill allows sash to rest within the frame rather than outside of it.
    • Engineered PryBuster Sash interlock - Upper and lower sashes are engineered to interlock at meeting rail.
    • Comfort 365® Glass Pack - Insulated glass unit (IGU) designed with optimal performance of ‘12-layer’ low emissivity (Low-e) coating [offering low solar heat gain, high visual transmission of light and high UV (light) ray protection], a warm edge spacer, Argon filled in an optimized gap, and dual seals.
    • ViewMax Frame - Window is designed and engineered to minimize the frame to have maximum viewing area through the glass.
    • 100% Virgin Vinyl - Structure members of the frame are extruded from 100% medical grade virgin vinyl blends, free from contaminants.
    • Fusion Weld - Every corner of the main-frame and sash-frame is permanently bonded with a 45 degree fusion weld.
    • Foam-Enchanced Sash & Frame - Profiles are filled to improve the thermal conductivity of the profiles and total window.
    • Champion Lifetime Limited Warranty
    Grid Options
    Certifications & Programs
  • Cost & Financing

    Purchasing sliding replacement windows for your home is no small decision, and we understand that the cost will be an important factor in making your choice of partner for your home renovation. However, the cost of Champion sliding windows can vary based on your home's customized needs.

    During our in-home consultations, Champion’s customer care associates will work with you to help discover the best options and savings opportunities for your home. You’ll discuss your homes uniquely customized window sizes, styles, materials, glass and various other options that will help to improve the quality, durability, comfort, savings and overall beauty of your home.

    Once we’ve been able to determine the right options for your home’s window needs, we can better determine an exact price. We can also provide many easy and affordable financing offers to help choose the best financing solution for you.

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  • Installation

    Champion takes full responsibility for your install from start to finish. We take care to minimize disruptions in your home, clean up and haul away old debris, and ensure we leave your home looking better than when we arrived. Most replacement window installations are completed in a single day.

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  • Ready To Learn More?

    Our Champion customer care associates are ready and waiting for your call. We're happy to answer any general questions or concerns about your home improvement project, the installation process or setting up an in-home consultation. Please feel free to get in touch at 1-877-4-CHAMPION. We look forward to helping you with your future home improvements!

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