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TimberBond™ Replacement Windows

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TimberBond™ Replacement Windows

Authentic look of wood without the sticky and leaky draft problems.

At last there is a vinyl replacement window with the warm luxurious look of wood for your home’s interior that is worthy of the Champion name. As you know, there has been laminate finishes available for vinyl windows for some time. However, at Champion, we were not satisfied with the lamination and veneer options available. The technology was not very advanced and was done with either a laminate sticker or a thin wood veneer glued onto the vinyl. Neither had the maintenance-free lasting quality that is required by Champion. The wood laminate or veneer is susceptible to blistering, peeling, delamination and can get damaged and looked aged over time. None of those features provide a long-term design solution for homeowners like you.

The most technologically advanced vinyl window woodgrain finish available.

TimberBond - Vinyl Replacement Window Woodgrain FinishFinally a technological advancement has been made that allows a woodgrain finish to be bonded to the vinyl. And, it is the first of its kind in the window industry and only available at Champion. Take a look at the advantages of this process:

  • The first permanent vinyl window woodgrain finish
  • Bonds with the vinyl for a permanent finish
  • Heat reflective
  • Won't peel, blister, fade or chip

This woodgrain vinyl window will not blister, peel, delaminate or fade. What is the difference? The woodgrain finish is applied to the vinyl using a high temperature and pressure transfer process.

Designed, Developed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Many common woodgrain effects are done using contact paper and are adhered to the vinyl like a sticker. Like the contact paper in your kitchen cabinets, a sticker is going to fail over time.

Veneers give you the most authentic wood appearance but like veneer furniture, it can separate from the glued surface. It is also susceptible to scratches and chips.

The same technology that is used for wood finishes in the auto industry has been adapted for wood finishes on Champion’s windows. This state-of-the-art high temperature and pressure transfer process bonds the woodgrain finish to the vinyl.