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How to Clean Double-Hung Windows

This video walks you through the steps of cleaning Champion double-hung windows. See how easy it is to clean your windows without the hassle of ladders!

Ways to Clean Your Windows

How to Clean Your Double-Hung Windows - Step 1: Clean Window Glass

Window Glass

Using a lint-free cloth along with Champion Glass Cleaner provides clean, streak-free window glass.

How to Clean Your Double-Hung Windows - Step 2: Clean Window Vinyl

Window Vinyl

Occasionally cleaning the surface of your window vinyl will retain its beauty for the life of your windows. Use a cream wax cleaner or polish and avoid using any abrasive cleaner or materials.

How to Clean Your Double-Hung Windows - Step 3: Weep Hole Cleaning

Weep Hole Cleaning

Weep holes are the small slits in the window sill that allow rain/debris to drain to the exterior found on the bottom sill of your window. Debris can build up if not cleaned out occasionally. To avoid build up and proper window functionality, clean the sills with a vacuum or cloth.

How to Clean Double-Hung Windows