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Casement & Awning

Awning and casement windows are a good choice for rainy climates. Casement windows are a great choice for over a sink, counter or appliance. This window style can also replace a double-hung window.

Champion Casement Windows in White

ColorBond® Exterior Designer Colors

Long-lasting, vibrant, and durable, our ColorBond® exterior colors are designed to adhere to vinyl and feature heat reflective and impact resistant technology, preventing fading, warping, and energy loss.

TimberBond® Interior Wood Grain Finish

TimberBond® brings a stylish, custom wood grain look to your windows and is available in 3 finishes to match your personal style preferences. TimberBond® features advanced technology that permanently bonds the finish with the frame to prevent blistering, peeling, and chipping.

Benefits & Information

Our vinyl casement windows are a great way to make a bold statement and provide an unobstructed view in any room.

Energy Bill Savings

With Champion Comfort 365® Glass and foam-enhanced insulated frames, Champion casement windows are an energy efficient way to save money on your heating and cooling bills.

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Reduced Noise

Champion casement windows help dampen sound, making them the perfect solution to quieting outside noise.

Increased Security

Our casement windows come with state-of-the-art embedded security locks, giving you extra peace of mind.

Beautiful Views

With unobstructed views, casement windows bring you closer to the beauty of the outdoors.

Improved Airflow

Because casement windows can be opened completely, they're perfect for improving airflow in your home.


We design and manufacture vinyl replacement windows.
The benefits of vinyl are many, including:

Other Window Styles to Consider

Value Comparison

While the industry price for a vinyl replacement window ranges from $425 to $2,100, the benefits that come with that window vary even more.

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Champion Value

Champion is the only provider that consistently offers all of the major benefits at a price that won't break the bank. We also offer a free in-home estimate to get you an accurate cost for your unique window replacement project.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are casement windows energy efficient?

    Energy efficiency for any style of window may vary by manufacturer. Champion casement windows are made with insulated vinyl frames and double-glazed, argon-filled glass, which increases energy efficiency in the home by reducing heat transfer. Furthermore, casement windows offer superior airtight seals when closed. This prevents drafts from entering your home and keeps cold air out in winter months.

  • Do casement windows have screens?

    Casement windows are available with screens for additional protection against flying insects and unwanted debris. A casement window screen is mounted on the inside of the frame, as the casement window swings outward when opened.

  • How do you clean casement windows?

    To clean casement windows, first remove the window screen if you have one. Fully open your casement window using the crank. Once open, reach through the opening between the window and frame to clean the outside with your cleaning solution and clean cloth. Next, use the crank to close your casement window and repeat the same steps on the inside of the window. Replace your screen. This method of cleaning is simple and effective, leaving your casement windows looking clean and clear. Champion also offers a step-by-step video and downloadable instructions for cleaning your casement windows.

  • How does a casement window work?

    A casement window is a type of window that is attached to a frame by hinges on one side and opens outward. The hinge is a crucial component of the casement window as it allows for the window to be attached to the frame and swing outward, providing easy access for ventilation and cleaning. The frame can be divided into smaller sections called muntins, which can be made of the same or different materials as the frame. The window is operated with a crank handle that controls a mechanism that opens and closes the window. Casement windows are energy efficient, offer unobstructed views, and are easy to clean due to their ability to swing outward. They are a popular choice for traditional and modern homes.

  • How do I maintain my casement windows?

    Casement windows generally require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning and lubrication of the hinges and crank mechanism can help ensure smooth operation. Checking for any signs of damage or need for repair, such as cracks or leaks, and addressing them promptly can also prevent more significant issues. Additionally, inspecting the weatherstripping and replacing it if necessary can help maintain energy efficiency. Overall, a little bit of upkeep can go a long way in prolonging the lifespan and functionality of casement windows.

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