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What is the Average Cost Estimate of a Sunroom Addition?

  1. Sunroom Buyer's Guide
  2. Section 4: How Much Should I Budget for My Sunroom?
  3. What is the Average Cost Estimate of a Sunroom Addition?

Expert Overview

  1. You may be able to build a DIY sunroom inexpensively, but it’s harder to ensure the quality or that the room is up to code.
  2. While average screen room pricing starts around $25,000, a more standard sunroom, rooms with fully enclosed glass, could range all the way up to $178,000.
  3. Window types, electrician costs, flooring, and HVAC technician costs can all add to the price.

Sunrooms are among the most affordable home additions. Even on a tight budget, you can add a comfortable screen room or patio enclosure that brings outdoor space in, and gives your family a place to eat, spend time and enjoy the season.

That said, sunrooms definitely range from simple to complex in terms of cost. If you want to install a sunroom on your own and you have the skills, you can probably do so economically, especially given that basic materials for a sunroom are relatively inexpensive. You’ll need to get a building permit as well, but depending on your community, those can be a little as a few hundred dollars.

However, if you’re seeking a quality product that has been constructed according to code, you’ll want to work with a licensed contractor. Contractor-made sunrooms can be more expensive, but are also more likely to last, add value to the home and provide a versatile space that can be used for many different purposes.

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