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Sunroom Windows and Doors

Expert Overview

  1. There are various types of window styles that will work in a sunroom, and many homeowners combine styles.
  2. Choosing a glass door, such as sliding doors or French doors, helps give your sunroom a consistent look and feel.
  3. You should work with your contractor to create the most energy-efficient sunroom possible, which includes making the proper window and glass selections.

In many ways, windows are what make a sunroom. Whereas a traditional room addition likely has one or two windows, a sunroom generally has an expanse of windows on three sides, along with a glass door that seamlessly blends in.

This is why the type of windows you choose matters. It’s not just about how your space looks, but also how it functions. Some windows are operable. Others are fixed, and don’t open. You can have windows that lift, lower, or hinge, as well as doors that open or slide.

If you’re going to have a room full of windows, you should make sure they are the right windows. Let’s learn about the basic window styles available for sunrooms.

Best Windows for Sunroom?

There are many different styles of windows and window options that you can install in your sunroom. Homeowners often use a combination of styles, so that one sunroom might have three or four different types of windows.

Because we manufacture and install windows, we are window experts here at Champion. We walk homeowners through the various window choices, helping them understand what type of windows will work best in their sunroom, including:

  • Sliding windows: Sliding windows open by sliding to the left or the right, so that half of the window is always covered by a window pane.
  • Fixed windows: These windows do not open at all, but provide a view out of the sunroom. Usually fixed windows are large windows found in the upper parts of the sunroom.
  • Double hung windows: Double hung windows can open from the bottom or from the top, which enables maximum ventilation.
  • Single hung windows: Single hung windows look like double hung windows, but they only open from the bottom.
  • Casement and awning windows: Casement windows are hinged from the side, while awning windows are hinged at the top. Casement and awning windows are capable of opening all the way, so they provide maximum ventilation. Both window types open with a crank, and seal very tightly. Of the type of windows that open and close, casement and awning windows are among the most energy efficient.
  • Bay and bow windows: Bay and bow windows project outward into the yard, to provide a unique view of the property.
  • Shaped windows: Shaped windows deviate from a conventional square or rectangle. They can be round, arched, triangular, or other geometric shapes.

Energy efficient sunroom windows

How energy efficient your sunroom is depends on a variety of factors, including the type of windows you install and the type of glass you choose (see the “Why Glass Type Matters” article to learn more about window glass).

If you're seeking the most energy-efficient windows possible, a contractor can help you decide what’s right for your home's sunroom. But as a rule, the most energy-efficient windows have these characteristics:

You can also improve energy efficiency in your sunroom by installing window treatments to block the sun at the hottest times of the day.

What about doors for my sunroom?

After you decide window style it’s time to think about the doors you’ll use for your sunroom.

If you are installing a three-season sunroom, which lacks insulation against extreme heat or extreme cold, you’ll likely want to install an exterior door from your home to the sunroom. This helps protect the rest of your home and keeps your HVAC working most efficiently.

As for doors that lead from the sunroom into the outdoors, homeowners usually opt for French doors, single entry patio doors, or sliding doors. These doors are all made of glass, and thus fit well with a typical sunroom design. The type of door that you choose depends on your budget and style preferences.

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