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Sunroom Decorating Ideas: 4 Tips

  1. Sunroom Buyer's Guide
  2. Section 6: Sunroom Ideas
  3. Sunroom Decorating Ideas: 4 Tips

A sunroom is a unique space in a home. It’s indoors, but because of the plentiful windows and natural light, it often feels like it has more in common with a patio than a living room. While you can enjoy bringing the outside in, you needn’t feel limited to outdoor-style furnishings.

If you’re looking to bring some personality and style into your new, sun-splashed living space, we’ve got four helpful decorating tips.

1. Go for a relaxed vibe

Ideally, you want to create a casual, laid-back feel in your space, since sunrooms don’t tend to be formal. What colors, fabrics, and furnishings make you feel most relaxed? Do you like a clean, streamlined look, where everything has its place? Or a more vibrant, “lived in” feel, with layers of visual interest?

Don’t be afraid to add texture, starting with a great rug. Remember, your sunroom can be a place where you can kick back with a book, hang out with the family, or host family game night.

2. Create cozy nooks

Soft, plush chairs and overstuffed ottomans might be just what your sunroom needs, especially if you plan to do a lot of reading or watching television (yes, you can have a TV in your sunroom! You might want to invest in some automatic roll-up window shades though).

Think also about what kind of lighting to add in your sunroom. While you’ll have plenty of natural light on bright days, on gloomy days, even a sunroom can grow dim. Ditto for nighttime. Choose table lamps and floor lamps that you love and that feel like home.

3. Choose durable furniture that can serve multiple functions

Will you host game night in your sunroom? Create a kid-friendly hangout? Create a chip-and-dip bar or a more grown-up bar, ready to mix up everyone’s favorite cocktails?

Look for pieces of furniture that can do dual duty in your sunroom. Tables that can go from family-friendly to glamorous chic, with only the addition of a few candlesticks and a beautiful centerpiece. Think about all of the uses for the room, and choose furnishings that are versatile and can change personality on a dime.

4. Take your cue from outdoors and surrounding areas

What’s the view out of your sunroom? If you have a beautiful patio or lush garden, let that influence not just the vibe of your space, but the colors and textures.

It’s not that you have to “match” your sunroom to plantings or furniture outside. You’re not limited, and can be as creative as you want! But the outdoor space surrounding your sunroom can be a good starting point for your decorating scheme.

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