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Making the Most of Your Garden Window

  1. Window Buyer's Guide
  2. Appendix
  3. Making the Most of Your Garden Window

Every style of window has its own features, functions, and benefits. And while you may be familiar with the most common styles of windows, like double-hung or casement, there is a special type of window that can add beauty and value to your home year-round: The garden window.

A garden window is unique in that it actually protrudes from the home’s exterior, featuring a glass top, front and sides, and often has one or more internal shelves for potted plants.

Usually located in the kitchen, a garden window can also provide additional light, vistas, and ventilation just about anywhere in your home. Taking advantage of the ample sunlight it provides, a garden window creates a space in which plants, herbs and flowers can thrive.

Vents are located on either side to capture cross ventilation flow, and garden windows from Champion are specifically engineered so that the frame maximizes the view from inside your home.

There are all kinds of different ways to enjoy the benefits of a garden window in your home; here’s just a few! (And if you don’t already have a garden window in your home, Champion can help you with that, too!)


Homeowners often enjoy how a garden window allows them to grow a small garden, right inside their home. It’s a lot like having a “mini-greenhouse” within arm’s reach, and the increased sunlight, ventilation, and surface area make garden windows an excellent space in which to grow your favorite herbs. Choose herbs that do well in full or direct sunlight—like basil, thyme and rosemary, and be sure to select pots that are designed for indoor use, with sufficient drainage protection. Enjoy the fruits (or herbs, in this case) of your labor as you make your favorite meals a little more special with some help from your garden window.


Garden windows aren’t just for gardens. They also provide more natural light, brightening up your kitchen and home. Take advantage of this additional light and create visual interest in your home by decorating your garden window with crystals or colored glass vases; they’ll catch and reflect the light in fun, beautiful ways.


If you’re interested in blending fashion and function with your garden window, the internal shelving system can be an attractive area for storage. Cookbooks, knickknacks and kitchenware can all be stored close at hand, yet out of the way. With the right balance, you can achieve a tastefully decorated storage area that still provides additional sunlight and ventilation in your home.

No matter how you decide to make the most of your garden window, garden windows from Champion are constructed from rot and warp-resistant material, while the seat within the window itself is made of a protected, laminated wood for added beauty and function. You can choose from carefully curated colors and wood-grain options that won’t fade, giving you a look that will bring joy to your home for years to come. Give your local Champion location a call to find out more, and schedule your free, in-home estimate.

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