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What are Basement Hopper Windows?

Expert Overview

  1. Basement hopper windows bring light and air flow to basements or bathrooms.
  2. Basement hopper windows are hinged at the bottom and open from the top.
  3. For basements with a lot of moisture and humidity, installing a basement hopper window can make a big difference.

Basement hopper windows are small windows people install in basements to increase natural light and add some air flow. They are hinged at the bottom, and open at the top.

Unlike glass block windows, basement hopper windows let the light in, and are operable. People sometimes install them in bathrooms as well, closer to the ceiling (above eye level).

Pros and cons of custom windows


  • Natural light. Basement hoppers are a great way to bring light to a dark basement.
  • Secure. Basement hoppers are sturdy and they lock securely.
  • Help reduce humidity. Basements are notoriously humid and damp. Installing a hopper can help cut down on moisture.
  • Increase air circulation. These small windows can make a big difference with air flow.


  • Limited opening. Hopper windows open wide enough to catch the breeze, but not as wide as standard windows.
  • No egress. Egress windows are windows that offer a secondary exit. They must be a certain size and a certain height off the ground. If you don’t have another means of exit in your basement, a hopper window may not provide it. This mostly matters if you are trying to create a bedroom basement.

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